Le Pompier Poney Club
Fanfare in Marseille

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"Le Pompier Poney Club", created in 2012 in Marseille, is an international fanfare, with members from across France, Belgium, Rome & NewYork. They play a variety of musical influences, with songs such as "Belsunce Breakdown," a famous hip hop song from Marseille's own Booga, B52's "Rock Lobster", Dalida's "Mourir sur Scene/I want to die on stage", Streetlight Manifesto's "We will fall together" & "Ghost Town", from The Specials, etc...

This overenergetic brass band blows its ferocious musical wind here, there and everywhere ! Comfortable in the streets as on stage, you’ll find them in all kinds of events: festivals and neighborhood gatherings, cultural and social initiatives, protests and parades, tiny bars and large parties.

The Pompier Poney Club will undoubtedly thrill the crowds, wherever they are !



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